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Hotel Cala Jóncols, Costa Brava




Cala Jóncols


Hotel • Restaurant • Beach bar





Cala Jóncols is a hotel, a restaurant, a beach bar, a family and so much more! A captivating place where you can lose yourself if you wish. A unique paradise where you can disconnect from the world in the literal sense and return to the essence of things: the earth, the wine, the oil. The ideal spot to revel in an enchanted experience. Our quest for excellence drives us to ensure that our customers find everything they need here. Comfortable rooms, a ranges of services always on hand for guests, a personalized service, cuisine made with the very best ingredients with lovingly prepared dishes to satisfy the most demanding palates, and a broad range of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. That is how we have been doing things since 1955. Cala Jóncols’ spectacular setting makes it so unique. It is the last cove in Roses, sitting just on the municipal border with Cadaqués, in the full glory of the Cap de Creus National Park. An ideal spot for a romantic getaway or a relaxing family break. Come and lose yourself in the cove!









A hotel, here…Why not?



An old building fitting in to the landscape, surrounded by pine trees, olive groves and all services to be able to enjoy nature. It is in Jóncols, where it is a luxury to be able to live in permanent contact without doors, to feel the salt on one’s skin. Only 14 kilometers from the noise and urban life, an establishment with authentic scents.

Yes, a hotel, to satisfy the eternal quest, to gain lost time…









Open the window; you will see the landscape enter the room.

Close the window; you will hear how the waves murmur. This happens only 30 times a day. Thirty rooms that break the normal magnitude. If you prefer a suite, you will reach both the sky and the corners that surround the beach. The sea suite, white architecture.

A room in Joncols, seasonal residence and the clock that says stop.





To arrive and not to suffer looking for a parking space. To speak in any language. Not to be dressed formally and without inhibitions. The youngest child can run around without danger! And if you are accompanied by your pet, animals are welcome…. Internet connection, postal service, washing linen service essential, sea objects. Comfort in menu.

Coffee or tea, smokers or nonsmokers.







Celebrations and weddings on the beach


Can you imagine it?



Lover of the sea, lover of the moon, fallen in love with the pair who loves you because you are different. Can you imagine a wedding near the waves! Pines and olive trees, tables and gardens. A personalized service for an exclusive marriage. Weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, family celebrations... Jóncols guarantees you a great party, not to forget.

A unique place for an unforgettable day...










Cala JoncolsRosesCosta Brava (Spain)

Tlf.: (+34) 972 25 64 02 (a 9:00 to 18:00)







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