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Atics & La Carpa Restaurant Terrace in Lloret de Mar



Atics & La Carpa


Restaurant Terrace in Lloret de Mar



A unique place in Lloret de Mar where elegance, gastronomy and music combines perfectly. In front of the sea and with breathtaking views you will find Atics & La Carpa, one of the best terrace in the whole Costa Brava without any doubt. A modern and exclusive atmosphere where you can find a restaurant, a lounge terrace and a disco.










C/ Josep Tarradelles, 1

Lloret de MarGirona (Costa Brava)


Booking telephone

(+34) 972 369 383






Beauty salon Pavel Ankhimov in Lloret de Mar

Confidence, acceptance of herself, and self-esteem ... What do these words mean for any woman? And you know, that you can get all this can only be changed in the image of your style? Good hairstyle, makeup, style ... All this is done to a woman to create a corresponding image that matches her mood of the day or the situation: being a beautiful romantic or a business shark, a sweet princess or a fatal woman...

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Ruth Seguel hair studio, Lloret de mar

Ruth Seguel: She was born in 1975 year of artists and stylists, from Barcelona where he always formed with great attitude until the great moment of opening her own salon and the final one arrived in the heart of Lloret de Mar. Where with great enthusiasm and great customer support opened "RUTH SEGUEL Hair Studio" so it is called and if you want to meet her, she will be happy to attend you...

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Masía Can Sabata Restaurant

The Masia was last restored in 1997 to offer an exclusive design and to create a charming ambience. A warm and enticing gastronomic space, the Masía Can Sabata Restaurant is a welcoming place for you to enjoy in Lloret de Mar. It’s ideal for lovers of good food and is situated in an exceptional location.

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