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Build Q Homes - ecological construction



Build Q Homes


We are construction company




In our portfolio we find chalets, swimming pools, industrial buildings, gyms, freezing chambers, libraries, housing blocks and more than 30 years of experience. As an innovation and way of adapting to new times in a society that evolves, as far as housing is concerned, we have decided to bet on wood as a constructive and structural element because it is an ecological material.







Toda la madera utilizada en la producción de paneles contra laminados de KLH ha de pasar estrictos controles de calidad. Sólo la mejor madera procedente de bosques certificados y controlados es seleccionada.





Building with wood is ecological conscience and it is respect for the environment. Wood is a noble, solid and reliable material; it is the only raw material that does not harm the environment. And in our compacted sand pools we do not use reinforced concrete so invasive..! We use a new structural system that allows us to adapt perfectly to the terrain creating unique and personal designs. Thinking about the conservation of our environment should not be a utopia, all as far as possible, we should do something. Thinking about an ecological home could be the beginning; it is a legacy to our children.







Tomorrow ... is built today!








Carrer de Can Guidet, 5

Lloret de MarCosta Brava (Spain)


Tel.: +34 629 978 798



Maria Tibau Pharmacy

Farmacia Maria Tibau are one of the leading pharmacies in Lloret de Mar, characterized by good customer service and proximity. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in pharmacy and pharmaceutical advice. The team is in constant training to keep up to date with the latest news and thus be able to offer the client the most appropriate solutions in each case.

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Half a century of the most thrilling pyrotechnic shows

Millions of eyes look to the heavens as cameras and mobile phones capture the Blanes night sky lit up by the majestic fireworks set off from Sa Palomera, the iconic rock that juts from the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of those unforgettable nights at the end of July when visitors flock to this stunning setting to enjoy one of the most thrilling and unmissable fireworks shows in Europe...

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Beauty salon Pavel Ankhimov in Lloret de Mar

Confidence, acceptance of herself, and self-esteem ... What do these words mean for any woman? And you know, that you can get all this can only be changed in the image of your style? Good hairstyle, makeup, style ... All this is done to a woman to create a corresponding image that matches her mood of the day or the situation: being a beautiful romantic or a business shark, a sweet princess or a fatal woman...

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Ruth Seguel hair studio, Lloret de mar

Ruth Seguel: She was born in 1975 year of artists and stylists, from Barcelona where he always formed with great attitude until the great moment of opening her own salon and the final one arrived in the heart of Lloret de Mar. Where with great enthusiasm and great customer support opened "RUTH SEGUEL Hair Studio" so it is called and if you want to meet her, she will be happy to attend you...

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