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Water Sports Lloret





Water Sports Lloret




The Water Sports Center started in 2006 with the lead of Oscar Batey, who has started the company with 10 years of experience. The Water Sports Center offers services to nautical activities at the Fenals beach in Lloret de Mar, one of the cleanest and quietest beaches of Lloret de Mar.

Fenals Beach has a rating of ‘Blue Flag’ for the quality of its waters and services, making this beach the ideal place for water sports in a fantastic environment.

The Water Sports opens from mid-May to late September, daily from 10 am to 18 pm.






Clean & quiet beach

Making the Fenals Beach the perfect environment to enjoy your day with your family or friends.


Blue flag

The 'Blue Flag' rating of the Fenals Beach is due to the quality of its waters and services.


Experienced team

The Water Sports Team has more than 20 years experience in making people enjoy their holidays.









The Parasailing



During the flight, you will experiment with a great sensation of liberty and peace with an unusual point of view from more than 50 meters up high.

The take-off is done from a platform on our boat, that has been specially designed for this activity.  You’ll be raised slowly and gently, and at the high of the seagull’s flight. Descending will go just as gently until you reach the boat where our instructors are waiting to assist. Parasailing becomes an unforgettable experience no matter if you do it alone or with a companion.









This towing modality is maybe the most exciting and spectacular one. It is like riding a wild horse over the water. The specific design of this kind of device causes that the boat’s speed added to the wind force and the waves it comes out of the water making big jumps, like a flying fish, which gives him the name…. Discharge the adrenalin with an exciting activity you can share with your friends and you will never forget!





Crazy UFO



Type drag exciting, effective centrifugal jumps and bounces over the waves or the wake. For small groups, Crazy UFO is one of the latest methods and very safe, do not forget to try this method and have something interesting to tell your friends.









The Slyder is a nautic towing modality for those who love speed and are looking for new sensations. Its hydrodynamic design makes it literally slide over the water and when the boat takes a turn, the Slyder gets out of the wake and slides over brave water.

The right position that the “Slyders” have to take, lying flat on the stomach, apart from being safe it also transmits all sensations of speed and sliding over the water. Both on a quiet sea as well as with waves, emotion and discharge of adrenalin are assured.









The Ski-bus was the first of towing modalities for groups to be invented. However, it has resisted the flow of time and still is very popular among our clients. Riding the waves with your friends and companions becomes an unforgettable experience trying no to turn over …. a real challenge! Suitable for all ages, children, youngsters, adults… only need to ask the boat driver for a “hot” or “easy” ride…











Water Sports Kiosk

Fenals Beach, Passeig Ferran Agulló S/N

Lloret de MarCosta Brava (Spain)


Tel.: (+34) 636 250 633






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